Our commercial/residential ductwork and fittings meet all required SMACNA standards and we can make quotes directly from submitted plans. We can also deliver your order for a small fee--saving you time and money! We work in all gauges, from delicate exhaust fans to thick and sturdy grease duct. We weld and solder fittings as requested.
Example prices for fittings complimenting an American Standard 5 ton Packaged Heat Pump (4WCC3060)

Side by side Straight Elbow
Side by side Transition Elbow
Twist transition Elbow
Straight Transition
Twist Transition
Roof Jack
Angle Iron Stand

*Prices vary when deviating from specifications.
All items come with 1” thick duct liner and divider,
Roof jack comes with cap.
Divider is not to be installed, unless told otherwise.
All stands are painted silver, unless told otherwise.

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Machine cut and seamed for quick, clean assembly